consulting partners

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and Trout Unlimited

Weber River, UT

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The Weber River watershed of northern Utah supports a wide array of ecological and social values that benefit a growing and diverse set of watershed communities. Rising demand on watershed resources has made the work of conservation and stewardship increasingly challenging and complex.



To address these challenges, Trout Unlimited (TU) and the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) secured the services of BEF to facilitate a comprehensive and integrated restoration and conservation planning process. This effort will develop a strategic approach to achieve collaboratively defined conservation goals in a transparent, accountable and adaptable manner. The planning process will identify primary watershed values; clarify current and potential challenges and opportunities; and will define long-term objectives matched with realistic strategies to achieve them.

The plan is also intended to build a foundation for improving communication among watershed stakeholders, enhancing understanding of watershed issues and providing opportunities for people and organizations to contribute to the work of stewarding the Weber River watershed.


anticipated outcomes

The partners do not want this to be an exclusive agency-driven exercise, but one that is inclusive and offers high value to all watershed stakeholders. While a small planning group with representation from Trout Unlimited, UDWR, Summit Conservation District and Utah Department of Environmental Quality will accomplish the majority of the planning work, a larger advisory group has also been formed to ensure that all watershed values and issues are represented. Members of this advisory group include a number of water resource conservation districts, elected officials, city staff, academia, state and federal agencies, and resource advocates.


“The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has been working with countless partners to protect and restore the Weber River and its tributaries for decades. Over the years all of us have struggled to understand and effectively address the biological, ecological, social, economic and political complexity within this critical watershed.  But with the help and support of BEF’s  experienced staff, we have begun to not only understand that complexity, but we are also developing real solutions that will help us protect and restore our watershed for years to come.”

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