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Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation

Methow River, WA

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A tributary of the upper Columbia River, the Methow River drains a 1.1 million acre watershed on the eastern slopes of the North Cascades in north-central Washington. The Methow watershed historically supported prolific runs of Chinook and coho salmon, summer steelhead, Pacific lamprey as well as cutthroat, redband and bull trout. However, these native fish populations have experienced considerable declines from their once abundant numbers.

Road construction and maintenance, construction of artificial structures along and in stream channels, loss of marine derived nutrients (delivered by returning adult salmon), and removal of beavers are thought to have had the greatest impact on the viability of native fish populations and the habitats that support them. Additionally, hatchery management practices, historic instream and riparian modification, as well as ground and surface water withdrawals have also affected the aquatic systems upon which native species depend.



The Methow Restoration Council (MRC) and Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation (MSRF) work with federal, state, Tribal and local stakeholders to plan, implement and monitor native fish and habitat restoration activities in the Methow watershed. In addition, the MRC provides a forum to coordinate local and regional restoration efforts and to ensure efficient data sharing and cooperation among partners in the watershed.

Long-term restoration and monitoring activities are planned in the Methow watershed, and long-term support for the MRC will help ensure that these activities are implemented in a strategic, coordinated manner.



Through a partnership with BEF, the MRC and its partners will:

  • Increase the coordination and leadership necessary to advance an integrated salmon recovery plan
  • Manage and implement monitoring programs
  • Facilitate a process to support scientifically-based adaptive management
  • Further develop a community forum to foster collaboration among key partners and fully engage local stakeholders in a watershed-scale restoration program


“The Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation and the Methow Restoration Council are committed to restoring viable native fish populations and their habitats through a long-term approach to restoration and monitoring. Our Model Watershed partnership with BEF will provide a solid foundation for us to realize this goal.”

—Chris Johnson, President, Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation


Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation

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