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Laird Norton Family Foundation—Rogue River

Rogue River, Oregon

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The Rogue River Basin in southern Oregon is a hot spot of biodiversity, famed for its robust fisheries, wild and scenic river corridor, working forests and agricultural lands. With the recent removal of three dams along the main river corridor, Basin partners were eager to continue the restoration momentum. But with more than 50 entities in the watershed engaged in various aspects of natural resources management, the challenges of strategic focus, restoration project alignment, and organizational niche management needed resolution. While various partners had worked together on local priorities, no comprehensive, nested strategy was available to guide integrated restoration investment in the Rogue.

The Laird Norton Family Foundation sought the leadership and assistance of BEF to create an integrated and strategic restoration approach with local groups that would advance comprehensive watershed restoration strategies within the Rogue River watershed.



BEF is facilitating a restoration planning and organizational alignment process with the watershed organizations in the Rogue River Basin. BEF will work with a diversity group of local and regional partners throughout 2013 to help them evaluate what strategies are necessary to catalyze future investments and accelerate restoration delivery over the next decade.


anticipated outcomes

BEF anticipates the creation of a strategic and integrated restoration action plan that leverages the strengths of groups on the ground while building off the extensive work and past planning efforts already developed by members of the watershed community.


“It’s incredible to see how far things have moved in a couple of months, and the amount of momentum we’ve been able to build.”

—Katie Briggs, Managing Director, Laird Norton Family Foundation


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