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Laird Norton Family Foundation—Hood Canal

Hood Canal, Washington

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The Laird Norton Family Foundation (LNFF) recently elected to focus one of its multi-year Watershed Stewardship Fund investments in the Hood Canal watershed of Washington’s Puget Sound. LNFF’s approach is to add value to existing efforts by enhancing local capacity through partnership building as well as investing in on-the-ground projects.

BEF has had a relationship with LNFF for the past several years and a number of watersheds where LNFF has made investments are also places where BEF has made 10-year Model Watershed Program commitments, including the Upper Deschutes River, Teton River and Coos Watershed. This project reflects a desire for LNFF and BEF to work in partnership, where BEF serves as an active advisor in the development of LNFF’s investment strategies.



To accomplish this, BEF is working closely with LNFF to deepen an understanding of the conservation issues and circumstances in Hood Canal, namely by interviewing staff and board members of the Hood Canal Coordinating Council (HCCC) as well as other watershed stakeholders.


anticipated outcomes

Information gained through one-on-one conversations will be organized and presented to the HCCC and LNFF’s Watershed Stewardship Fund Advisory Committee to help inform focus areas of an upcoming HCCC board retreat and future funding decisions by LNFF.


“Working with BEF has enabled us to draw on the depth of expertise and connections that can only come with long-term focus and engagement in a variety of watersheds. We have been able to leverage BEF’s deep experience and knowledge to better shape and target our own watershed investment strategies, and have learned a lot along the way. In Hood Canal, BEF’s Robert Warren has brought a level of attention and a depth of experience in community management of watersheds that has been invaluable to our work, and I have learned an incredible amount from working with him in the basin. We’re excited to continue collaborating with BEF as we hone our strategy in Hood Canal and are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a strong partner.”

—Katie Briggs, Managing Director, Laird Norton Family Foundation


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