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Entiat Watershed Planning Unit

Entiat River, WA

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Building on strong community support, the Entiat Watershed Planning Unit has worked since 1998 to develop and implement a multi-decade restoration strategy to improve water quality, habitat and native fish populations in central Washington’s Entiat River. With a comprehensive plan, strong partnerships with supporting agencies and a vigorous scientific basis to guide its restoration work, the Entiat Watershed Planning Unit has taken a central role in coordinating with landowners and agencies to implement a comprehensive watershed restoration program.

However, as the Entiat Watershed Planning Unit’s work progressed, more and more funding became available to support on-the-ground restoration projects and less funding was available to grow and sustain community support, compile and share restoration results with key stakeholders, and coordinate efforts between agencies, tribes and landowners. Entiat Watershed Planning Unit members realized that without sustained support to coordinate among key stakeholders, little progress would be realized on the ground.



In 2007, BEF signed an agreement with the Entiat Watershed Planning Unit to provide funding that would help fill critical gaps necessary to advance and sustain an effective restoration and monitoring strategy. BEF pledged to provide technical services and funding to facilitate long-term coordination among watershed landowners, key stakeholders and agency partners.



BEF’s Model Watershed partnership in the Entiat increases the Entiat Watershed Planning Unit’s ability to measure results, enhance institutional learning, build community support, and provide feedback to restoration managers, landowners and other critical stakeholders.


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“Since the outset, we have sought to incorporate the science, assessment and monitoring work necessary to continuously inform our actions, adjust and improve our restoration strategies and allow all stakeholders to thoroughly review and comprehend the efficacy of our restoration investments.”

—Sarah Walker, former Coordinator, Entiat Watershed Planning Unit

Entiat Watershed Planning Unit

215 Melody Lane
Wenatchee WA 98801