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water restoration project development


BEF offers a wealth of expertise to broker and develop high-quality water restoration projects that will serve the unique market or manufacturing interests and/or water footprint reduction goals of our corporate partners.

With more than a decade of experience in watershed restoration, our extensive on-the-ground relationships and project expertise make us the leading broker of water flow restoration project development. Every consulting engagement begins and ends with a careful assessment of our partner’s water related risk and associated business goals. We match this assessment with careful project selection and development where flow restoration will provide optimum environmental benefit and positive exposure for your business. All flow restoration projects are reviewed by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, selecting and certifying those with the greatest potential to add water where it’s most critically needed.


change the course—an innovative partnership with National Geographic and Participant Media

BEF has partnered with National Geographic and Participant Media in an innovative freshwater restoration campaign that aims to reconnect the Colorado to the Sea. Change the Course catalyzes a national movement of education, conservation and 
restoration that seeks to redefine how industry and people value, use and manage freshwater to meet both human and environmental needs.


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