model watershed program partners - oregon

Coos Watershed Association

Coos Bay, OR

The Coos is one of the most diverse watersheds on the Oregon coast—comprised of 390,000 acres of estuary, uplands and urban areas. The Coos Watershed Association is an exemplary Model Watershed Program partner: with a commitment to build meaningful community engagement, to implement and monitor their work, existing strong organizational capacity to plan, and a willingness to use innovative approaches to maximize results help ensure their continued success.

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Upper Deschutes Watershed Council

Upper Deschutes River, OR

Oregon’s Deschutes River is one of the West’s most iconic rivers. Increasing demands on the river over the past 100 years have had significant impacts on habitat, water quality and native species. To restore healthy salmon and trout populations, the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, the Deschutes Basin Land Trust and the Deschutes River Conservancy partnered to address the highest priority ecological needs across several Deschutes basin tributaries.

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