consulting partners - washington

Laird Norton Family Foundation—Hood Canal

Hood Canal, Washington

The Laird Norton Family Foundation (LNFF) recently elected to focus one of its multi-year Watershed Stewardship Fund investments in the Hood Canal watershed of Washington’s Puget Sound. LNFF’s approach is to add value to existing efforts by enhancing local capacity through partnership building as well as investing in on-the-ground projects.

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The Russell Family Foundation

Puyallup River Watershed, WA

In 2011, The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF) announced its decision to make a long-term commitment to invest in the Puyallup River watershed. The goal of the initiative is to enhance the capacity and resiliency of the people and institutions in the watershed. By fostering collaboration, supporting and strengthening leadership, and promoting learning, they aim to ensure that the values of the Puyallup River are restored and sustained by capable, knowledgeable and engaged local watershed citizens.

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