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our partnerships span three distinct areas:

Map of Model Watershed Program projectsmodel watershed program partners

BEF works with 8 Model Watershed Program partners in 5 Western states to implement long-term, community-supported approaches to revitalize critical ecosystems. Each partner’s commitment to ongoing monitoring and results-based adaptation is supported by a decade of committed funding, expert advisement and peer-to-peer exchange opportunities.




Small map of Willamette Model Watershed projectswillamette model watershed program partners

Since 2009, BEF, Meyer Memorial Trust (MMT) and the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board have worked together on an innovative approach to watershed restoration in Oregon’s Willamette River. Together, we’re partnering with 7 watershed councils for 10 years to implement a strategy to restore more than a dozen tributaries across one large river basin.




Small map of all watershed restoration consulting projectsfreshwater restoration project consulting partners

BEF now leverages the invaluable insight acquired through our Model Watershed Program to advise and counsel 4 watershed partners in 3 western states to integrate the core components of successful, long-term restoration. By meeting partners where they are, our team leads them to develop actionable, inclusive restoration plans, arming them with the essential guidance needed to ensure the plan’s successful implementation.