what is a model watershed?


For more than a decade, BEF has been a leader in long-term, community-based watershed restoration funding and advisement

Our Model Watershed Program partners receive 10 years of strategic funding and access to expert advisement, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, collaborative problem solving and innovative solutions to common restoration challenges. Together, we are working to revitalize and sustain vital freshwater resources.


we are committed to a watershed restoration approach that incorporates the following core elements:

  1. All restoration efforts require and stem from a comprehensive and integrated watershed-scale plan.
  2. A critical mass of community stakeholders is engaged in the work and committed to support restoration and stewardship goals.
  3. All aspects of the restoration plan (assessments, planning, strategies, project design, monitoring) are based in sound science.
  4. The approach and strategies are accountable and adaptively managed through a well-conceived monitoring plan.
  5. BEF and its partners embrace an experimental mindset to implement, track and adjust our restoration actions based on results.