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Providing an exceptional customer experience to all of our partners is very important to us. If you are an existing BEF partner or funder, or if your have a general inquiry, please contact us using the information to the right.


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BEF is also looking for opportunities to work with other foundations, agencies and organizations to expand the implementation of long-term, adaptive, community-based watershed restoration programs.

If you would like to learn more about our consulting services, what makes our approach unique, or the benefits of a BEF partnership, please schedule a consultation with one of our team members. This will give us a great opportunity to learn more about your unique restoration or funding goals, introduce you to BEF and design a customized solution just for your organization.


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Our team is always interested in learning more about results-based, comprehensive, community-led watershed restoration efforts—as well as the factors that limit such efforts from succeeding. While we’re not currently funding new Model Watershed Program projects, we’re always interested in learning more about what groups are doing. If you’d like to begin a conversation, please send us an email with information about your work.