our mission

BEF’s mission is to facilitate the widespread adoption of sustainable, planet-friendly practices.


our timeless core values:


We build partnerships that optimize our collective capacity, provide unique value to all players, and help us generate solutions we couldn’t arrive at on our own.

intentional innovation.

We remain adaptively innovative in order to ignite creative, strategic solutions that continually move sustainable business practices and stewardship forward.


We believe that continually acquiring and sharing knowledge is an essential element in our success and in that of our partners.

sustainable balance.

We design and recommend solutions that, wherever possible, sustainably balance the needs of people, planet and economic vitality.


We believe in living and working in a manner that deliberately gives back to the natural environment that sustains us.


We maintain the highest caliber of quality, honesty and integrity in our work so as to maximize our impact and that of our partners.


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